So the big question is “Why should you plan a trip to come camping with us at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland?” When thinking of Maryland,  most people relate to Washington D.C., Maryland Crabs, Old Bay Seasoning, or Ocean City. Now its not to say that we don’t have any of those things here, but Deep Creek Lake is its own little world located in the most Western part of Maryland. We can point you in the right direction if it’s crabs you’re looking for (have you heard of the Crab Feast that the Deep Creek Fire Department hosts each fall?!), and plenty of people around here still sprinkle Old Bay seasoning on practically everything. But, Deep Creek Lake is truly unique to the state of Maryland and we are so excited to share with you why it is that you should plan your next camping trip here! Scroll on to let us give you the nudge you’ve been waiting for. 

  1. Boating
    • Bring your boat, rent a boat, or hop on to a boat and take a tour of the 65 miles of shoreline that Deep Creek Lake has to offer. 
    • Check out these links for our list of recommended boat rental companies as well as a pontoon touring company.
    • Bonus! If you bring your own boat, we have a place for you to park it while you are staying with us! Our sister company D&W Storage provides a storage space for you to park your boats and RV’s with options for indoor and outdoor storage as well as winter and summer storage.
  2. Kayaking & Stand Up Paddle Boarding
    • Rentals can be found all over the lake for these slower paced ways to enjoy all the beauty of Deep Creek Lake. 
    • Check out High Mountain Sports for our best recommendation on single and double kayak rentals as well as stand up paddle board rentals.
  3. Hiking and Biking
    • The trails are endless in this part of Western Maryland! Family friendly trails, advanced trails, and everything in between, all taking in the beauty of Garrett County.
      • Visit Garrett Trails online for an extensive list of trails you can explore throughout Garrett County, MD.
  4. The Scenery
    • Of course Deep Creek Lake is beautiful, but have you seen it in autumn when the leaves are popping with vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red? Or did you know about Swallow Falls State Park and the THREE different waterfalls that you can rest your eyes on while hiking along the tall pines and the gorgeous forest range? That’s not even to mention the breathtaking views of mountains that literally surround you everywhere you go while visiting the area.
  5. Arcades, Go Carts, Mini Golf and More!
    • There are so many activities to keep the kids entertained! And by kids, we mean the adults too! One local arcade is “pay by the hour” for unlimited use, and even has an “adult only” room featuring vintage arcade games!
  6. Extreme Fun
    • White water rafting, zip lining, and the Mountain Coaster are just naming a few of the ways that you can step your trip up a notch with some extra adventure.
      • Visit the following links to see what adventure awaits you at Deep Creek Lake.
  7. Shopping:
  8. Great Small Towns
    • Deep Creek Lake is surrounded by superior little towns that have so much to offer. From the food, to the shops, to the parks, to the historic marks and museums, you can easily find yourself spending a day exploring each town. You’ll want to be sure to check out Grantsville, Kitzmiller, Oakland, Friendsville, & nearby West Virginia towns: Thomas, and Davis. (Be on the lookout for our upcoming release of guides to each small town).
  9. The Food
    • Okay‍, I know that’s what you really want to know about right? Well I’m happy to report that Deep Creek Lake doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the selection of eateries. Breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner, music with your food, take your dog along dining, we’ve got it all! And it’s all SO DELICIOUS! For a look into some of the menus that Deep Creek Lake has to offer, check out the online Menu Guide created by the makers of The Lake Front Magazine. 
  10. Ice cream
    • Not only does Deep Creek Lake have a place where you can get freshly made, hand dipped ice cream, but there is also a cute little stand along route 219 that offers soft served! And when you go exploring the county, you will find that your options for ice cream are endless! And who doesn’t love ice cream on a mini getaway camping trip?!
  11.  The Stars
    • Did you know that when you get away from the city lights and camp at a place like Deep Creek Lake, you can actually see the stars at night? We are joking… kind of. We know that you really do know this, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes you forget to remember the simple things like looking up at the night sky. Camping sets the slow pace to remind you of all of life’s natural beauty and Deep Creek Lake has the perfect view of the stars to draw you in. 
  12. Campfires
    • Is a camping trip complete if you don’t roast marshmallows around a campfire? We certainly don’t think so! There is something truly special about being at Deep Creek Lake that makes it so relaxing to sit around a campfire after a long day spent on the lake.
  13.  Fresh Mountain Air
    • That’s right, when you wake up in the morning, and walk outside, that is what you will be breathing in. And it’s incredible. Breathing in the fresh mountain air is like a mini vacation all on its own.
  14. Close Enough But Far Enough Away
    • Maybe you want to lay back and enjoy a good book in the sunshine. Perhaps you want to spend some quality time together playing corn hole or horseshoes? And maybe you want the chance to enjoy ALL that Deep Creek Lake has to offer, while still getting the chance at some quiet, peaceful downtime. Camping at Deep Creek Lake keeps you close to the action of all that the area has to offer, but Double G RV Park is just far enough away that you still get time to relax, refresh, and renew.
  15. Disconnect with Comfort
    • It is camping, but it’s still the 21st century. Remember how we just said it’s close enough but far enough away? We are here to tell you that you can still have all the modern conveniences that you want to satisfy your needs while still enjoying the great outdoors. You might feel like you are in a different world, but all of our campsites are full hookup and yes we even have Cable TV, and WiFi. You will have all the comfort of your own home when you want it but the atmosphere is enough to remind you why you don’t necessarily need it.
  16. You are in good company
    • You can ditch the alarm clock and the agenda and set your own pace. With the slower pace, you might just be reminded what it’s like to get back to the basics, disconnect from the world, and enjoy the people around you.
  17. Family Friendly 
    •  We are a family owned and operated business so we know a little something about the topic. Most people who come camping with us, leave feeling like family. And what better atmosphere is there to bring your family camping at, than a family park, run by family, who knows how to make you feel like family? Click here to learn more about our Double G Family.

Deep Creek Lake is the perfect mountain getaway! Located just a few hours from Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and everywhere in between, it is close enough but far enough away for weekend getaways, family vacations, and a great location for a summer home, or rather a “home away from home.”

You will never run out of things to do when visiting. From the lake itself, to the delicious food offered, to the state parks, to the small towns and the surrounding areas, there is something for everyone and no time to wait.

So what exactly are you waiting for?

Call us today to book your vacation and get away from it all in the mountains of Western Maryland, and start enjoying all that Deep Creek Lake has to offer.

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