The Double G: Where Family is Made

In the middle of the Camp Store sits a small green plastic table, in the shape of a rectangle. It was gifted to us as a hand-me-down from a sweet couple who used to camp here with us. We like to say this is where all the problems of the world are solved, but this table is really where family is made. 

It sits in the same building where hundreds of dairy cows were once milked. It has hosted lunch day after day and has heard a joke or two (hundred). In the summer, this table holds the pizza that we eat for dinner every Friday night and it has also held the weight of more than a few heavy conversations. If we were to guess how many cups of coffee have been sipped around this table, we would guess ten’s of thousands. It has witnessed cheers and has caught a few tears. It is where owner, Warren found out that his new title would be “Pappy.” This table has heard political debate and football banter. We have gathered here for family meetings and have been meeting families here for decades. This table has allowed us to rest our heads to get us through a long day. It has heard hundreds of stories about our family, but most importantly, it has made people feel like they are apart of it. It has stood strong for us through the good, the bad, the bitter, and the better. This little old table might not seem like much, but to us it is the place where family is made. We hope that you can join us around our little green table soon! 

How it all started 

We started as a dairy farm that led trail rides by horseback and now we are an RV Park that grows gorgeous fields of Sunflowers. So how did this transformation take place?

Founders, Gerald and Helen Glotfelty, pictured above, opened the horseback riding stable as a young married couple here on their dairy farm in McHenry, MD. They began by offering pony rides to children and then expanded this opportunity by building trails to lead horseback rides. They offered even more with experiences like hay rides and horse drawn sleigh rides. Eventually, they began to host Saturday Night Square Dances in the upstairs of the barn, now referred to as “the round barn.”  People enjoyed these dances so much that they began to bring their own campers to sleep in afterwards, parking them in the barnyard, which led to the birth of the campground. 

In the 1980’s Gerald & Helen’s sons, Denny and Warren Glotfelty, took over the business and added D&W Storage to the grounds so that people who wanted to enjoy the lake didn’t have to haul their boats home each week. Although they continued to board horses, they chose to close the riding stables. 

In the 1990’s the brothers decided to focus on the campground and storage businesses and the decision was made to stop boarding horses. Around this time they also made the hard decision to stop accepting tents in the campground. They took a risk, and turned the tent sites, into large, full hook up campsites, built specifically for Park Models. At this time the name was changed from Double G Campground to Double G RV Park. The next several years were spent adding new park models to the RV Park and cleaning up the general appearance. The Double G has always been a family friendly park, but the brothers wanted emphasis on it being a clean, appealing environment.

In 2010, Denny passed away after a battle with Cancer. He has been missed every day since. The farm fields had been rented out for years leading up to the passing of Denny, but Warren found enjoyment in the farm work, and began to farm the fields soon after, along with his son, Gesse. This has included harvesting everything from hay for the horses, to oats and corn, to Sunflowers.

Family has been the backbone of this business from the start. Warren and his brothers were raised in this business. They raised their own children here, and now Warren and wife, Addie, get to experience their grand babies grow up on this same wonderful land. A lot has changed over the years, but family is the one thing that remains the same. 

To read more about the history of Double G as it was being made, visit us here to travel back in time with Helen as she shares a glimpse of her adventures and memories in her time spent building and working the business and raising her family here. 

Do you love the idea of bringing your family to camp here? We’d love to have you! We invite you to visit this page for more information on camping with us at the Double G RV Park. 

Back Row: Warren, Gerlad & Helen Glotfelty
Front Row: John & Denny Glotfelty

Gesse, Warren, Addie, Danielle & Chelsie Glotfelty

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