A Day We Will Never Forget

On this day 13 years ago 2,977 innocent people lost their lives. The world, our world was changed forever. Through the smoke and fire, through the tears and heartache, we have come together even closer and tighter than we were before that fateful day.  It’s what family’s do, and rest assured, this country is a family. We help each other through and we support each other through the toughest, hardest, most gut-wrenching times.  And we remember.  We help each other remember those who went down fighting and those who were desperately trying to protect others.  And we remember those who were far too young to be taken from us. We have and will continue to help each other remember that, as hard as it is, life does go on, but we don’t ever forget.  We don’t forget those whose lives were lost on the day OUR world changed forever.  We encourage you to take some time from your every day life to remember the extraordinary lives and the extraordinary families of those who lost their life that day.

We would also like to send our thoughts and love to the troops. To those of you who fought, those of you who are still fighting, those of you who will fight in the future, and those of you who lost your lives. We are forever grateful for your bravery and sacrifices and forever proud.




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